3.4 Commercial due diligence (subset 4.2)

3.4.1 Content and aim of process

As part of the purchase process, data and information on an asset or property portfolio to be purchased are exchanged. If the property or property portfolio is large and complex, data on the income side (lease contracts) and expenditure side (service contracts) may be automatically transferred from the seller to the potential buyer. To this end, the potential buyer uses the provided raw data to determine the purchase price within the scope of a commercial check (commercial due diligence). The data fields defined in the subset comprise purely property-related data that is required in an asset deal.

3.4.2 Rolles

The raw data for preparing the purchase costing originates from the Property Manager, Asset Manager, or Portfolio Manager. The Investment Manager acts as recipient of the data.

Tab. 5: Rollen in der kaufmännischen Due Diligence
Portfolio Manager
Asset Manager
Property Manager
Owner, Fund/ Investment Manager

3.4.3 Import timescales

The frequencies involved in transmitting data in a commercial due diligence are period-independent.

3.4.4 Data objects

Within the scope of the process of purchasing a property, data on the following data objects is provided to the recipient:

  • Asset
  • Building
  • Rental unit
  • Land
  • Lease contract
  • Term
  • Projects
  • Service contract
  • Loan

3.4.5 Special process-specific aspects Term

The types of term of the delivery and target system have to be mapped once only. The aim of this mapping operation is to make it possible to automatically assign all transferred types of term to the types of term in the target system (see mapping of charts of accounts).